Our movements captured.

A B2B wearable soft sensor platform for measuring human motion.

A sensor platform for remote healthcare.

Our Smart Knee is a low power device with integrated sensors and low energy bluetooth that tracks knee use and complex human movement in realtime.


Silicone Soft Sensor Platform

Enabling the future of wearables with Sensors + Algorithms + Software

A B2B platform for measuring movement

We've built a fully integrated motion measurement system that includes multiple soft silicone sensor types in combination with custom electronics, algorithms for making sense of data and a smartphone app. Our system allows athletic apparel, brace and VR companies to easily integrate soft sensors into their products.

Our technology enables ordinary people to have access to a state of the art motion measurement system for tracking movement such as daily activities, enhancing training sessions, increasing athletic performances and allowing them to interact with their mobile devices and video games in a whole new way.


Soft silicone bending and pressure sensors.

We’ve invented and manufacture novel elastomer based sensor technology that is able to measure joint angles in multiple planes of bending as well as torsion. Our sensors are made of durable silicone and a patented layering of nanocomposite rubber sensing elements.

Our sensors are low energy, low cost, compliant, durable waterproof, and most importantly, invariant to kinking and wrinkling. Our sensors are small enough to be integrated in the seams of clothing or printed on fabrics making them ideal for embedding into apparel, braces and soft goods of all kinds.

Bend event classification

Not only is the data coming from our sensor platform unique to every individual's movement, but it contains the information necessary to create personalized biomechanic details for an individual. We've created sophisticated algorithms to classify and quantify those movements.

For athletic performance our algorithms can tell you, not only how many steps, but what type of steps they were(walking, jogging, running, jumping, etc.). Our system also reveals important details around those events such as the angle and acceleration of your knee during jump liftoffs/landings and much more.


Connect to Bend

We've developed an Android app and API that connects to our Bend platform via BLE. Our app displays realtime data(raw & processed) as well as acts as a controller to initiate and stop non-connected use.

We're also intensely focused on building user experiences that everyone from athletes to post surgical recovery patients will love to use. We'll soon have an iOS API and app as well.

Bend Sensor Demos

Movements in realtime

(Note: We will have updated videos soon which demonstrate our newer much smaller embeddable sensors)

Our Team

We're a small group of developers

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Salt Lake City + Seattle

We're a small, agile, distributed team out of Salt Lake City and Seattle whose insatiable passion for engineering, software and design rivals that of our passion to help people better understand their movements.

We started Bend Labs for one purpose: to create a sensor platform for measuring and providing biofeedback around joint movement. Even a high tech world full wearable devices, there still exists no practical, non-imaging based technology that can reliably measure, track and interpret the bending and articulating of our joints, until now.

Shawn Reese
Shawn Reese Ph.D


Jared Jonas
Jared Jonas


Contributing Team Members

Matt Ball - Mechanical Engineer
Colton Ottley - Electrical Engineer
Xavier Bassols - Software Developer
David Sykes - Design Partner
Ariana Phillips - Softgood Design

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