A new interface technology
for AR & VR

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Be Human in the Augmented & Virtual World

The future of augmented and virtual reality is being built right now, and Bend technology will play a critical role in bringing our physical selves into the virtual world. Existing sensor technologies fall short and cameras can only see so much. Our ability to articulate our fingers and move freely through our environments represents the pinnacle of evolutionary biomechanics, and getting that into VR will be critical. Right now we are bringing your actual hands and a sense of touch into AR/VR. In the future, we’ll bring the entire human form into augmented and virtual realities in a way that will enrich and empower our lives.

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Demo Videos

Demo videos of early protoypes of Bend AR/VR gloves

Demonstration of newly added finger spread sensing
Single handed demo with early prototype tracker
Bend Labs at GDC 2017 debuting an early prototype