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A Soft Sensor System for your Connected Product

Our patented soft sensor platform is a full stack solution for measuring and interpreting joint articulations, gestures, body positions, shapes and contact forces. Our rubber sensor networks are highly accurate, ultra low power, drift free and can be easily customized and integrated into wearables and connected products.

Whether you need a better sensing solution for an existing project or a full white label product, we can help. We will get your product to market fast, and our team can create custom prototypes with turn around times as quick as a month.


Soft Sensors + Electronics

Standard and custom sensors easily integrate with your product. When paired with our electronics and embedded drivers, measuring highly accurate human motion has never been easier.


Machine Learning

Our advanced machine learning framework translates complicated movements into simple and actionable insights. Whether you need simple gesture recognition or advanced gait analysis, we’ve got you covered.



Our API’s make interfacing with cutting edge computing platforms easy. Whether you need integrations for smartphones, AR/VR, smart speakers or a PC, we can help. Our demo apps let you connect your prototypes right away.

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