So much technology packed into a thin and unassuming piece of rubber

Core Technology

Advanced multilayer architectures and state of the art elastomers doped with active and passive nanoparticles bring microchip level technology to a soft and stretchable form factor. As flexible as human skin, Bend technology acts like an external neural network for measuring the complex ways we move.

Ultra Low Power

Sensor networks draw virtually no power, bringing to life the possibility of wearables that run on ambient energy or small coin cell batteries for the life of the product.

Accurate & reliable

Our soft sensors can be configured to measure bending, stretching and pressure. We can spatially discretize these measurements to create “bend pixels”, which allows us to measure the many nuanced ways that we move and interact with our environments. Zero drift, negligible hysteresis and a high level of accuracy sets a new standard for sensor performance.

Washable & Durable

Bend technology is waterproof and can withstand the abuse of daily life as well as machine washing and drying. You can rest assured knowing that you can treat your Bend Enabled apparel and wearables the same way you treat all your other clothes.

Sensor platform for soft goods

Our soft and durable sensor platform can easily be embedded into a wide array of soft goods. In the future, Bend Enabled gloves, spandex, shoes and apparel will enable full body avatars for social experiences, virtual training and immersive content so real that the line between virtual and reality will become blurred.

AR/VR glove

We’ve taken our sensor technology and leveraged it to make a glove that brings true high fidelity hand presence to augmented & virtual reality without sacrificing comfort. The intrinsic durability, drift free and highly accurate nature of our sensors allow us to make the first AR/VR glove that “just works”. Our AR/VR glove tracks every single finger joint angle (20 degrees of freedom) in addition to absolute orientation (3 rotational degrees of freedom).

The addition of low profile haptics to the fingertipsfinger tips allows you to have natural interactions in AR/VR and let’s you do what feels natural, which is to use your hands. We’ll be announcing development kits for our gloves soon, so stay tuned!